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Terms of Use

    1.    This Terms of Use can be changed at any time.

    2.    By using Bit Journey or downloading it in his device, the users agrees with all the terms informed in this document at the present time.

Privacy Policy

4.    Personal information that is reported by users to Bit Journey will not be shared or sold. However, the statistics that are generated through the app will be used by Bit Journey in their favor.


    5. Bit Journey for Apple Watch is a game where you take care of your pet based in your own personal physical activities, where you can also interact with your pet in many ways, like: playing, studying, feeding and training. The application uses notifications to alert the user that something is missing or if your pet needs something. The information management consists of:

    a.    A main interaction with the pet, as being playing, studying, feeding, training and resting;

Interactions with your own personal exercise data, such as:

    b.    Calories burned by the user;

    c.    How many times did the user stand up in that day;

    d.    Exercise practiced in minutes during that day.

The data used is going to be retrieved with HealthKit, and everything the user does will have direct impact in the Pet.

Terms of Service

    6.    Bit Journey has only one goal: to entertain.